Borderless Museum

San José Museum of Art strives to be a borderless museum—essential to creative life throughout the diverse communities of San José and Silicon Valley. SJMA’s recently updated strategic plan and the revised mission that accompanies it builds on the ambitious overarching goal established in 2017–18. SJMA has grown audiences—reaching people through new digital platforms and an expanded off-site presence, building deeper community partnerships, and integrating our commitment to equity as a guiding force both internally and externally. With this in mind, SJMA is focused on growing the Museum’s audience base and name recognition by providing multiple entry points onsite, offsite, and online. 

Visualizing Abolition

Visualizing Abolition is an ongoing initiative exploring art, prisons, and justice, with exhibitions collaboratively organized by the Institute of the Arts and Sciences at University of California, Santa Cruz and San José Museum of Art.


Support from our members is the foundation that makes SJMA's borderless initiatives possible. Membership is a borderless experience that extends beyond the walls of the Museum as well. Members enjoy virtual Curator's Workshops, offsite art excursions, and reciprocal admission to museums around the country. And with recently-introduced digital membership cards, you can now access your membership benefits immediately, from anywhere in the world. Visit the membership page to join us today!




Community Partnerships

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SJMA at Tết Festival
Saturday, February 24, 2018