Dr. Jerry Hiura Next Gen Visual Artist Award Application

The Dr. Jerry Hiura Next Gen Visual Artist Award for high school students in Santa Clara County honors Dr. Jerry’s passions through a scholarship that celebrates young visionary artists and supports their artistic practice and goals as they pursue higher education. 

Application deadline: February 29, 2024 


  • Call for submissions (October 1, 2023– March 31, 2024) 

  • Award ceremony (May 3, 2022 – First Friday)  

  • Theme: "Embracing Identity" 

Prompt: Unleash your artistic voice and celebrate the power of "Embracing Identity!" Through visuals, express the beauty and complexities of your true self. Dive into the depths of your passions, culture, and experiences. Create an artwork that captures the essence of who you are and inspires others to embrace their own unique identities.