Upcoming Exhibitions

Sadie Barnette: Family Business

Sadie Barnette’s multimedia practice explores her own family history as it mirrors a collective history of repression and resistance in the United States. In a new commission for the ongoing Visualizing Abolition collaboration with the Institute of Arts and Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, Barnette proposes an alternate history of Black America, one not shaped by state-sanctioned terror but by love, support, celebration, and the fullness of human relationships.

Yolanda López: Portrait of the Artist

Artist and activist Yolanda López (1942–2021) created portraits that have become icons of feminist and working-class empowerment. This exhibition examines López’s profound influence as an artist who radically reimagined representations of women in Chicano/a/x culture and society at large, and highlights the formative role the Bay Area played in López’s artistic output and activism. 

Liliana Porter: Actualidades / Breaking News

Liliana Porter’s surreal compositions using toys interrogate the boundaries between representation and reality. Liliana Porter: Actualidades / Breaking News is a focused presentation of Porter’s expansive conceptual practice, highlighting her skilled evocation of poignant philosophical and political questions through otherwise simple gestures and miniature objects.