2021 Gala + Auction

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Party Music by DJ Cedric D, playlist curated by Rashaad Newsome + students of the Art and Art History departments at SJSU.

Bay Area Funk Art

"Top" Art History Genres

Many times art, music, and literature coincide as a commentary on society—this could be said of Bay Area Funk Art and Funk Music during the mid 60s to the late 70s. Although Funk Music had more regional success, both creative movements were often autobiographical, shared a vision of shock value, and encouraged audience engagement—well, it's "funky" after all, critics be damned!" –Linda Franklin, gallery teacher

Digital Art

"Top" Art History Genres

Thinking about Digital Art takes me to synthesizers and music genres like New Wave, Electronica, Synth-Pop, Techno, Electropop, Electroclash, and Trip Hop. The 1980s, in particular, come to mind as a majority of its creatives were experimenting with the new technology booming at this time and developing unique and innovative sounds–sometimes melodic and otherworldly and other times a jam with an awesome hook. Today’s creatives continue to pioneer technologic sounds in ways that push the music genres to new dimensions–likely, producing those tunes we can’t help but dance or chill to. Enjoy!" –Paulina Vu, manager of museum experience

California Dreamin'

Current and past SJMA exhibitions

Won Ju Lim created California Dreamin’ when she was utterly homesick for Southern California while living in Germany. I immediately connected to this work when it was on view at SJMA as I have also lived out of the country. I’ve created a playlist that reminds me of countless summer drives along the California coast; some are oldies, some are new, but they all evoke that special nostalgic feeling one can only get by living in California." –Samantha Hull, executive assistant and board liaison

The House Imaginary

Current and past SJMA exhibitions

Listen to songs about the home for our exhibition The House Imaginary.


Honorable Mentions

I love the intersection of art and technology. Developed in the late 1800s, Pointillism's idyllic pixelated vision of the world was truly ahead of its time. I continuously find relevant parallels to today's screen focused society within these works. I hope you enjoy this playlist of idyllic soundscapes, a healthy dose of Krautrock, and a few surprising "points" as you ponder the possible connections between centuries." –Dan Becker, associate exhibition designer


Honorable Mentions

Romanticism is about evoking emotion, promoting individualism, and reflecting on the beauty of nature as the encroaching industrial revolution takes root across Europe. I created a playlist that approaches the art of emotion delicately, and at different variations of depth, as our individual emotional worlds are full of complexity and nuance." –Samantha Hull, executive assistant and board liaison


Honorable Mentions

I chose Surrealism because it is one of my favorite art history movements and a lot of the music I listen to feels surreal. For my playlist, instead of Surrealist music composed in the 1920–40s, I picked contemporary songs with unconventional production and an uncanny, dreamlike feeling." –Jessica Kwong, development and membership associate