Let's Look at Art Docents

  • An adult instructor stands in front of colorful paper signs and decorations. She faces a classroom full of young children, presumably students. The children sit on the ground. Some raise their hands eagerly. The instructor holds a large poster board.
  • Meet the LLAA Docents

    Created soon after the founding of the Museum in 1969, Let's Look at Art is an award-winning SJMA program that sends docents into Bay Area classrooms. Designed to teach children the joy of art while developing their observation, interpretation, and communication skills, this interactive program has reached almost 1 million students since its inception. For 50 percent of these young people, Let's Look at Art was their first exposure to the visual arts.

    Will you be the volunteer who helps us reach the millionth student?

    No art experience is required, and docents enjoy opportunities for personal enrichment through informative lectures and day trips to other museums.

    For information about volunteering for the Let’s Look at Art program, please email vol4llaa@sjmusart.org.

    Training happens every January.

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