Founders' Society

Founders' Society members receive recognition in the Museum and in select publications as well as invitations to special programs throughout the year. Membership does not require dues, fees, or minimum gift amounts. It does allow us to thank you for the plans you have made and to ensure that your intentions are honored. And it may help inspire others to make a similar plan. Of course, you may choose to remain anonymous.


Your legacy gift supports the core missions of SJMA, including education:


“We think the arts are very important in the development of a whole person. As lifelong educators, we had very clear criteria for the organizations we were willing to support. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the people we kept meeting through SJMA and the quality of the art curriculum they design and teach to children.” 

—Daphne and Stuart Wells, Founders’ Society Members since 2018

Your legacy gift fosters engagement with the art and artists of our time who help us understand what it is to be human in our complex world:


“I appreciate SJMA’s focus on local communities, global art, and social issues. Their emphasis on education is especially strong, and I feel it’s important for kids from local schools to see themselves represented in the exhibitions and programs.” 

—Tad J. Freese, Founders’ Society Member since 2017

Your legacy gift provides day-to-day operational stability that allows the Museum to respond to the needs of the time:


“It’s important to us to help build a foundation for the Museum’s ongoing success, being little threads in the greater fabric.”

—Deb and Hank Norberg, Founders’ Society Members since 2017 

What do you want to achieve with your own legacy?

Tell us about your passions and interests, and we will work with you to focus your gift where it means the most to you. Planned gifts can be directed to specific areas, such as art acquisitions, educational programs, or community initiatives, or allocated for use wherever the need is greatest. We look forward to working with you and your advisors.

Please let us know about your plans so we can thank you and welcome you to the Founders' Society!

Contact Kathleen Backus, senior philanthropy officer with any questions at or give her a call at 408.521.4012.



Doris and Alan Burgess
Ron Casentini
The Marion Sarah Cilker* Administrative Trust
Rosa and Werner Cohn*
Caroline Crummey*
Vivian Crummey*
Faith C. and Paul L. Davies*
Glenda and Gary Dorchak
John Ettelson* in honor of Charlotte Wendel
Dixon* and Barbara Farley
Toby and Barry Fernald
Tad J. Freese
Zelda Glaze*
Susan and Phil Hammer*
Michele Kelly-Jones and William Jones
Suzette Mahr
Chris Mengarelli and Dale Elliott
Ruth Mirassou*
Evelyn and Rick Neely
Yvonne and Mike Nevens
Deborah D. and Henry F. Norberg
Ena Weisskopf Passarini*
Frederick and Marcella Sherman* Living Trust
Marcia and Howard Summers*
Dr. Jan Newstrom Thompson and Paul Goldstein
Larene Wambsganss*
Daphne and Stuart Wells
William Zoller*
* deceased