SJMA and Sangam Arts Presents a Night of Multicultural Dance and Performance

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

SAN JOSÉ, California (June 27, 2017) — The San José Museum of Art will host ArtRage: Liquid Assets in partnership with Sangam Arts on July 20, 2017 from 7 - 10 PM. The evening will be the first in the continuing series, “Mosaic Silicon Valley,” an initiative of Sangam Arts that explores the ties that bind diverse cultures together. The July 20 program celebrates water as an integral aspect of traditions, lifestyles, and culture heritages around the world. Although water is a basic need, it also has the power to moves us, both literally and figuratively. ArtRage: Liquid Assets will feature performances by Thingamagigs Performance Group, Akoma Arts, and Mohini Studio. Admission is $5 and free for Museum members. Tickets are available online at /event/artrage-liquid-assets.

Thingamagigs Performance Group (TPG) will demonstrate an improvised performance of non-western and self-made instruments including the glass armonica. Audience members will be invited to participate by drawing and making graphic scores for the performers to play. TPG emerged from a long-term collaboration between individual artists, utilizing unusual musical instruments combined with Eastern sensibilities and modern American technologies and performance practices.

Akoma Arts will perform a dance and percussion number that pays tribute to the Goddess Yemanja, the Mother Goddess of the Ocean in Afro-Caribbean lore. Akoma Arts is a fifteen member collective of musicians, singers, dancers, and spoken-word artists, whose mission is to promote personal healing and community unification through interactive performance drawn from the African and African American experience. Akoma Arts uses African drums, dance and praise songs, African American folk songs, storytelling, and spoken word.

Mohini Studio will present the classical Indian dance (Mohiniyattam), Ganga. Ganga is an ode to the River Goddess Ganga and how she arrived on Earth, flowing into rivers and providing water and life. The piece portrays water as a crucial and purifying resource that humankind abuses and attests to the urgency of water conservation. Mohini Studio is an established group of dancers that aims to preserve the art form of Mohiniyattam. They provide workshops and classes at the Mohini Studio Academy. 



Mosaic Silicon Valley is an initiative of Sangam Arts, an organization whose mission is to connect communities using the visual and performing arts.



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