Koret Gallery: Rina Banerjee Learning Lab

  • Three diverse visitors (two men and a woman) are enthusiastically engaged in a hands-on activity arranging magnetic poetry on a wall. The adjacent explanatory text identifies the project as “Poetic Titles” related to an exhibition by an artist Rina Banerjee.
  • Two smiling young adults sit at a table covered in cards with words on them. The gallery wall has a screen affixed to it, along with a random list of words separated by bullet points. A man and another person look at the screen with—their backs to the viewer.
  • A family with three children is gathered around a table deeply engaged in a hands-on activity. A visitor behind them reads a text panel explaining a magnetic poetry activity.

    Explore Rina Banerjee’s use of material and play with language in her titles in the Koret Family Gallery’s interactive Art Learning Lab where you will make observations, ask questions, and participate in creative experimentation.