Third Thursday

Admission is $5 after 5pm (free to SJMA members); the galleries are open 5–9:30pm

Book Signing



Artist Dinh Q. Lê will be at SJMA to sign copies of the exhibition catalogue Dinh Q. Lê: True Journey Is Return, available for purchase at the Museum Store.




Exotopia is a virtual reality installation where visitors can explore all the known exoplanets — thousands that have been discovered in the last 20 years. Exotopia generates a universe of extra-solar worlds based on mass, proximity to their sun, orbital path and their habitability index. They range from surreal to mundane with colorful atmospheres and clouds. Visitors to this installation can “fly” to these worlds and explore how the planets might look – from planets containing with algae-filled oceans, rocky formations, toxic clouds, icy crusts, and more. The VR experience acts as a map to future exploration of the galaxy. 

Participants can navigate through and explore planets outside our solar system. Produced in collaboration with artist Scott Kildall and Franck Marchis, Senior Planetary Astronomer, SETI Institute. Presented in collaboration with New Terrains: Mobility and Migration.

Image: Procedurally-generated gas planet in Exotopia.

Robin Lasser's San José Stories: The Vietnamese Diaspora



Commissioned by the San José Museum of Art, Bay Area artist Robin Lasser has created a series of video mapping installations as part of her ongoing project Migratory Cultures. Video mapped at night onto SJMA's building façade and onto trees in public parks, Lasser's San Jose Stories: Vietnamese Diaspora features interviews with individuals from San José's multi-generational Vietnamese-American community whose stories of migration reveal a more complex narrative of the largest Vietnamese diaspora in the United States.

Presented as part of Stories from the Farther Shore: Southeast Asian Film.

Image: San José’s Stories: The Vietnamese Diaspora, 2019.  Courtesy of Robin Lasser.

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