Catering and Vendors

  • Visitors serve themselves from a buffet in a café. A large bamboo plant and red and white lanterns decorate the space. 3 catering staff are behind the buffet. A large overhead sign reads “Café” and a glass door to the street is in the distance.
  • Red tulips sit atop a formal banquet table. Rectangular ceramic plates hold vegetables and 2 catering staff prepare more food at the end of the table. An exhibition title wall with text is behind the table. SJMA’s front desk is in the distance.
  • Close-up of a plated meal containing steak, mushrooms, sliced red bell peppers, and a white cream with green herbs on top. Two other plates of food stand behind this plate, just out of focus.
  • A series of glass champagne flutes with a cranberry-colored fizzy liquid bubbling away. One glass in the foreground is in sharp focus, 4–5 others stand behind it. The glasses sit on a tablecloth, the table’s edge can just be seen behind the glasses.
  • Small plates hold triangular flatbreads which sit atop mixed greens with rocket lettuce, with hazelnuts and sliced beets on the side. The plate in front is on sharp focus, while those in the back are blurred. Magenta light shines in the background.

    Our approved caterers and vendors bring the best of Bay Area cuisine to your event at SJMA, along with a variety of delectable options that meet both your taste and your budget.

    Our exclusive beverage caterer, Mezcal Restaurant, offers a full-service liquor license, providing professional bartenders and a variety of beverage service options to meet your individual needs.

    For a list of approved caterers and vendors, or for vendors interested in partnering with us, please contact our events manager at 408.271.6887 or