Now Serving: Love

Now Serving: Love

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Now Serving: Love" (February 14, 2014) by Susan O'Malley. Performance from the exhibition "Around the Table: food, creativity, community," at the San Jose Museum of Art, November 9, 2013 - through April 20, 2014

Susan O'Malley brings forth the often overlooked, mundane, and sometimes humorous interaction of everyday life. For her project Now Serving, O'Malley gathered stories from cooks, professional chefs, and good producers about foods reminiscent of childhood bliss, love, healing, and the seasons. 

On four days during the exhibition, her kiosk became a pop-up stand where visitors were served a small bite of food. During these occasions, O'Malley asked participants to reflect on the relationship between food, emotion, and personal history. She recounted a story or an experience about the sensuous and pleasurable aspects of food as it relates to nourishment for the body and for the soul and and for fostering community. 

On February 14, 2014, O'Malley served up "Love." Her other performances were: "Now Serving: Healing" (November 21, 2013); "Now Serving: Home" (January 25, 2014); and "Now Serving: Change" (March 29, 2014). 

Susan O'Malley, "Now Serving," 2013; Mixed-media kiosk and site-specific performances; Kiosk design by Scott Oliver; Construction by Susan Working; Commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art; Courtesy of Romer Young Gallery, San Francisco.