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New Terrains: Mobility & Migration
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DISCESSIO (Directions)
Sep 7 – Oct 13, 2018

September 7, 2018 6–9pm (First Friday) Opening reception
October 5, 2018, 6–9pm (First Friday) Second reception

The term discessio was used in reference to the break up or dissolution of groups of people held together by certain ideals or goals; when the consensus of the group fractured, they would disperse, divide, withdraw from public life, wander between the confused notions of reality.

Current political climate withstanding, cultural content has been engaged to confront the notion of the dangerous other. Without realizing it, there has been an opposing embrace of the idea of purity and singular purpose. But our true condition is this discessio, the internal divisions of self and other, of holding to home and being a wanderer. We are essentially lost and drifting in a sea of the unfamiliar that is the idea of the future.  

This immersive installation examines some of these of metaphors of wandering, of dispersal, separation from the familiar, of being lost and found. The notion of “being at sea” is the main theme that is encompassed by the roaring of the sea.

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