Domestic Odyssey

  • Nine bright colored pots and pitchers of varying shapes and sizes on three different levels, with two metallic looking poles dividing them. The pots and pitchers are glazed in different colors and reflect the light shining on it.

    David Pace, Fiestaware, 1995. 9 color photographs displayed in grid; 60x48 in. (total); courtesy the artist. 

  • A deconstructed cabinet-looking fridge. Wires surround it and stick out on the top. There are two side metal corrugated panels holding the structure together but looks expanded on the top.

    Yoram Wolberger, Refrigerator, 2001, 72"x48"x48"; Steel, aluminum, electric wires, freon, ice. Courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 

  • Shadi Ghadirian, Like Everyday (Mesle Harooz), 2001; 10 color photos, 20x20 inches (each), Collection of the Iranian Art Foundation, New York. 

  • Liza Lou, Kitchen, 1991-1995, Mixed-media bead installation, 8 x 11 x 14 feet; Collections of Eileen Harris-Norton and Peter Norton, Santa Monica. 

  • Yoram Wolberger, Coffee Table, 2001. Wood, wood products, embedded leather; approx. 50x30 in.; Courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 

  • Margarita Cabrera, Cleaning Supplies, 2003. Vinyl, thread, metal. Courtesy of the artist and Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, NY. 

  • Mona Hatoum, First Step, 1996. Found Shaker crib and powdered sugar; 40x36x36 in; collection of Penny Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser. 

  • Carlee Fernandez, Hugo Parlier from the series Friends, 2001. Taxidermic animal, synthetic material; 72 x 20 x 35 in. Lent by Richard and Carolle Sands. 

  • Willie Cole, Made in the Philippines II, 1993. Shoes, PVC pipe, and wood; 42x45x39 in. Collections of Eileen Harris-Norton and Peter Norton, Santa Monica.

  • Marlene Alt, Still Waters, 2002. Mixed media sculpture; video projection on metal bed. Courtesy of the artist. 

  • Stephen Litchfield, Revised Standard Version #62, 2001. Altered chair, new uphol.; 33x11x7 in. Courtesy of the artist and John Elder Gallery, New York, NY 

  • Carlee Fernandez, Friends (advertisement), 2001. 

    This exhibition featured work by national and international artists who use metaphors of domesticity—and actual household items such as furniture and appliances—to explore issues of gender, class, and culture. Major sponsorship of Domestic Odyssey was provided by The Mercury News. Additional support was provided by Aspect Communications and Vintage Wine Merchants.


    • Vintage Wine Merchants
    • City of San Jose
    • National Endowment of the Arts
    • The California Arts Council
    • William Randolph Hearst Education Endowment
    • Aspect Communications
    • The Mercury News
    • The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
    • Koret Foundation