Conversion: Art and Engineering

  • A painting with a bright yellow background features a watering can with flowers, sitting on top of an unidentifiable machine, which is on top of a copy machine. This painting hangs next to a title that reads "Conversion: Art and Engineering, Koret Family Gallery."
  • A small gallery with blue walls—in the center is a geometric-shaped sculpture. There is a colorfully tinted work covered in clear resin. Hanging on the wall is a sculpture, covered in a clear case. Also visible are 2 framed photographs and a small robot-looking sculpture.
  • A grey ceramic robot has its arms raised. Its open-ended claw hands and expansion joints are made of ceramic. The robot's raised head is open, revealing a brain. Its interior chest cavity is visible, revealing mechanical looking objects.

    Clayton Bailey
    Robot Teapot, 1996
    Glazed porcelain
    8 ½ × 12 × 5 inches
    San José Museum of Art.

    Conversion is the third installment of Koret Family Gallery exhibitions to focus on STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Explore the intersection of art and engineering through artwork selected from SJMA’s permanent collection.

    We invite you to visit the Koret Family Gallery’s interactive Art Learning Labs where you will make observations, ask questions, and participate in creative experimentation.