City Limits, City Life

  • An image or painting of various buildings close together. The first has dark windows reflecting grids of another building, then a grey building with windows. Next to that is a cream building with windows on one wall and a multicolored outside wall facing the viewer.

    Harry Callahan
    Atlanta, 1978 (printed later)
    7 1/8 × 18 3/16 inches
    Dye transfer print on paper
    Gift of Arthur J. Goodwin


  • An image of a public transportation vehicle with passengers sitting, looking out the window, and passengers standing behind holding a rail. A door is open with one passenger facing the opening and another with their back towards the door.

    Leo Rubinfien
    London, 1980
    Ektacolor print on paper
    15 ½ × 19 inches
    Gift of David Devine, San Francisco, California

  • An image of buildings with numerous small windows and balconies. The buildings are close to one another, indicating that the area is densely packed.

    Michael Wolf
    Architecture of Density #13b, 2003-2004
    Chromogenic print on paper
    48 x 58 inches

  • A painting of a city that has experienced destruction. The buildings look worn out and there is debris spilling out from structures in the background. In the center, there are people who are gardening and watering the plants.

    Robert Schwartz
    In the New Year, 1996
    7 1/2 × 8 1/2 inches
    Gouache on paper
    In loving memory of Rudy Driscoll Sr., in honor of the San Jose Museum of Art's 35th Anniversary

    City life has fascinated artists for hundreds of years. Early twentieth-century artists in the United States often depicted the physical and social realities, as well as the potential emotional disconnect, that can accompany urban density. In recent decades, artistic focus shifted to the ramifications of climate change, localism, and globalization. City Limits, City Life encourages audiences to think about urbanism in a larger context and coincides with collective efforts to enliven and transform downtown San Jose. The exhibition features works by Chester Arnold, Karen Carson, John Gutmann, Lordy Rodriguez, Walker Evans, Rolfe Horn, Richard Shaw, and Weegee among others.


    • McManis Faulkner