Brides of Frankenstein

  • Two photos side-by-side. Both are in a bathroom. In the left photo a man holds a cup and a gold hose close to his chest and leans against the wall near a window. In the right photo, tiny silver-clad figures climb onto the sink and bath tub.

    Sabrina Raaf, Never Alone, 2003. Archival inkjet prints (diptych; 2 prints), 42 x 33 inches each. Courtesy the artist.

  • Katherine Wetzel (photographer) and Elizabeth King (sculptor), Pupil: pose 8, 1997-1999. Silver gelatin print. Courtesy of the artists and Kent Gallery, New York.

  • Sabrina Raaf, Test People: Bad Camouflage, 2004. Archival digital print, 96 x 32 inches each. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Sabrina Raaf, Breath 1: Pleasure, 2000, Mr. Bubbles, cow gut, printer’s ink, Plexiglas, beeswax, aluminum, electronic circuitry 120 x 180 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

    This exhibition showcased experimental work by a new generation of female artists working with video, installation, robotics, the Internet, computer animation, and other digital and traditional media, to animate synthetic creatures with virtual life. Participating artists included Andrea Ackerman, Peggy Ahwesh, Erzsebet Baerveldt, Kirsten Geisler, Elizabeth King, Heidi Kumao, Kristin Lucas, Amy Myers, Patricia Piccinini, Sabrina Raaf, Tamara Stone, Camille Utterback, Gail Wight, and Adrianne Wortzel.


    • Atomica
    • WITI