Blind Vision: Video and the Limits of Perception

  • Jonathan Fung 
    "I Eat Therefore I Am," 2001 
    Video projection onto table + four chairs + sound Color video projector + 6 channel Dolby Digital Receivers + Cambridge Soundworks Speakers + speaker mounts 
    copyright and courtesy of the artis

  • A photograph of a man's blurred face projected on a screen. It is fuzzy and his face is indistinct, perhaps in pain. The screen hangs from circular hooks against a black wall.

    Bill Viola 
    "Memoria," 2000 
    Edition of 5, DVD playback equipment with DVD projected on silk, 30-minute loop, Collection San Jose Museum of Art 
    copyright of the artist, courtesy of James Cohan Gallery, New Yor

    A compelling exhibition of video-based artworks, Blind Vision showcased the work of both Bay Area and international artists—Bill Viola, Peter Campus, Smith/Stewart (Stephanie Smith and Edward Stewart), Jonathan Fung, Marie Sester, and Tran T. Kim-Trang—whose videotapes and installations explore the dynamic between perception/cognition and surveillance/control in an effort to reveal the ambiguity at the core of visual representation.