Third Thursday: Our Stories, Ourselves

7–8:30pm PDT | Online
Free; registration required.



Play on Words, San José’s literary performance series, returns to the San José Museum of Art for “Our Stories, Ourselves,” an evening of stories and poems by local writers, performed by actors in dramatic readings. Drawing on heritages from Mexico to Korea, Southeast Asia to 19th century Europe, fifteen authors reflect on community, immigration, and identity. Nine local performers will bring the stories to life.

Highlights include Not a Gardener by award-winning journalist Melissa Flores Anderson. The story follows Teresa, who is sure she didn’t inherit her grandfather’s green thumb until she moves into a new house and discovers a connection to her heritage through a newfound affinity for gardening. In a powerful TED Talk nine-year-old Kai Katayama explores his Korean and Japanese ancestry.

Other featured works will include an excerpt from Chaney Kwak's forthcoming memoir, The Passenger; a modern-day interpretation of Macbeth by Muse Lee; meditations on Robert Burns during the Chinese New Year by Lulu Shen; and a moving tribute to Sean Monterrosa, a Vallejo victim of police violence, by Colombian American writer Camilo Garzón. Additional original works by Tania Odesho, Selma Tufail, Lyra Halprin, Benjamin Duarte, Julian Parayno-Stoll, Sebastian Gomez Biggeri, Patty Somlo, April Halprin Wayland, and Keiko O'Leary will round out the evening.

Pieces will be performed by Melinda Marks, Ivette Deltoro, Evelyn Huynh, Tania Odesho, Christina Shon, Jada Roper, Francheska Loy, Muse Lee and Gazan Jemeel.

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