Third Thursday: Pecha Kucha Night

7–9 PM
Tickets are $5, which includes gallery admission from 5–9 PM (free to members)

In our post-9/11 world, the term “surveillance” encompasses much more than the old notion of spies lurking in dark alleys. Massive 21st century data collection programs have opened the doors to a dizzying array of digital surveillance techniques. Who is watching us? How are they watching you? Have security and privacy become mutually exclusive? Join SJMA and Pecha Kucha San Jose for fast-paced, fun presentations by a variety of experts and activists who will address these issues.

Speakers include

Tessa D'Arcangelew, American Civil Liberties Union
Chris Garcia, Computer History Museum
Michelle Maranowski, The Tech Museum of Innovation
David Schuster, San Jose State University
Ralph Simpson, History San Jose
Chris Treggiari, co-creator of Eyes on Oakland
Ali Winston, Center for Investigative Reporting

Ric Bretschneider, Moderator, Pecha Kucha San Jose

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