CityDance San José: Vogue and Waacking

woman dancing in a circle of people

CityDance San José, 2022. Photo by Frederick Liang.

6–9pm • Free
Free Museum admission 4–9pm

Dance GenrES: Vogue and Waacking

CityDance San José is an evening of socializing, music, and open-air dancing at the Circle of Palms and the San José Museum of Art. With live bands and a professional dance instructor, you can tune your skills, learn something new, or just show off! The event and Museum galleries are open and free to the public.


Take a break from dancing and visit the San José Museum of Art. Just a few steps away, visitors can explore all galleries and exhibitions, free 4–9PM—everyone is welcome.

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CityDance is presented by City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs, San José Museum of Art, and el Cafecito by Mezcal in partnership with the San José Downtown Association; marketing sponsored by Valley Transportation Authority.