ArtRage: Truth Be Told

Thursday, July 19, 2018
7 – 10 PM
Tickets are $5 after 5 PM (free to members)
SJMA and Mosaic Silicon Valley present an evening of live performances inspired by the spirit of activism in the exhibition Rise Up!

San José-based rapper DEM ONE and San Francisco-based musician PC Muñoz present their collaborative performance piece RIGHTSTARTER, an experiment in percussion and vocal minimalism (7:45 and 9:15 PM). The evening will also include performances by poet Lorenz Mazon Dumuk and Khalilah Ramirez, who will engage the audience in her Dance of Peace (7 and 8:30 PM).

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About the performers

DEM ONE and PC Muñoz
In an age of rancorous rhetoric and division, DEM ONE and PC Muñoz present a minimalist guttural sonic response to this political moment. Using only a customized drumkit, microphone, and electronics, the RIGHTSTARTER aesthetic and execution makes a statement both socially and politically. In two 30-minute pieces, RIGHTSTARTER will feature agitprop covers, original material, and improvised vamps on hot-button issues — the best of avant-garde percussion and underground hip-hop. Over the past six years, PC Muñoz and DEM ONE have collaborated on several critically acclaimed music video projects, including “Moving Train” with Vietnamese virtuoso Van-Anh Vo and “One Voice One Drum”; both projects were directed by Christopher “Paper Son” Woon and showcased at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival.

Lorenz Mazon Dumuk
Lorenz is a popular poet and performer in San José’s vibrant spoken-word scene. A member of Poetry Center San José and San José Poetry Slam, Lorenz “writes about the complicated love that he feels for his family and for his Filipino culture. He writes about the pain that he feels recovering from his traumatic past and reclaiming himself from a one-size-should-fit-all society.” (Diane Solomon, Content Magazine).

Khalilah Ramirez
Khalilah Ramirez is a peace dancer, a performance artist, author, local columnist, and an instructor of ballet and yoga in San José. She has performed the Dance of Peace at schools, churches, community events, and theaters since 2008.

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