Art 101: Personal Printmaking with SJSU Artists

a student wearing a black t-shirt rolling ink to make a relief print in a classroom setting

A workshop participant making a relief print. Photo by Jared Gacusan.

$15 ($10 for SJMA members). Registration includes Museum admission.

Join San José State University Professor Irene Carvajal and SJSU students for their second workshop on relief printing. Inspired by the political posters of Yolanda López, our SJSU collaborators will lead participants through the process of merging the personal and the political in their own prints.

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Contributing Artists: Dante Castaneda, Maria De Hoyos, Mariam Ibrahim, Mario Montes Pozo, Jo Sien, and Morgan Spyksma.

All ages and experience levels are welcome. Please email if you have any questions about the workshop.

About the Instructor

two students and their instructor

From left to right: SJSU alum, Christie Garza; WEDAPEPO collaborator, Nivedita Madigubba; and Irene Carvajal.

Irene Carvajal is a Costa Rican-American mixed media artist and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work examines labor, gender, and colonialism and their intersections with politics, globalized economies, and identity. Her practice is rooted in print media, materiality, and storytelling. She is a founding member of WEDAPEPO and a 2022 California Art Council Fellow. Her research has led her to explore sustainable alternatives to traditional methods and materials.