Modern and Contemporary Art from India
February 25, 2011 through September 4, 2011, San Jose Museum of Art
  NEELE-KUND, 2003
Acrylic on canvas
39 ¼ x 39 ¼ inches
Collection of Asha and Rajeev Motwani
Photo: Courtesy Sotheby’s, Inc

Sayed Haider Raza
Born 1922, Barbaria, Mandla district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Lives and works in Gorbio and Paris, but makes frequent visits to India

In the 1970s, Sayed Haider Raza revisited Indian culture to develop contemplative imagery for his work. Inspired by Tantric art, he created the “Bindu” series, which depicts the dot in the center of a yantra or mandala that is the focus point for meditation and marks the epicenter of Raza’s life. He has remembered his elementary school teacher, who instructed the easily distracted pupil to concentrate on a dot drawn on the chalkboard. 1 For Raza, these geometric compositions are ultimately concerned with nature and the elements of nature, which create order of the universe.

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