Wonder Ball | Elaine Buckholtz


Elaine Buckholtz
Born 1961, United States
Lives and works in Boston

Big Blue Thistle, 2013
Archival pigment print
33 × 44 inches
Edition 2 of 5
Courtesy of Electric Works, San Francisco
Retail value: $3,550

An accomplished visual and lighting designer, Elaine Buckholtz explores the properties of light: cast onto architectural details, integrated with video and sound, and projected from within sculptural forms. To connect her practice as a lighting designer for stage and performance to the history of painting, Buckholtz manipulates video stills taken of images of paintings torn from art books. Spinning her excised images on a contraption of her own invention, she films them in motion, shaking the camera to produce abstract effects reminiscent of television lines or video color bars. In prints such as Big Blue Thistle (2013), Buckholtz breaks the original painting (in this case Vincent van Gogh’s Vase with Thistles from 1890) into its basic components of color, pattern, and line to create an entirely new, hazy image. 

Elaine Buckholtz received grants and awards from the Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles and San Francisco (2010); Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston (2013); and Rainin Foundation, Oakland, California (2015). Selected solo exhibitions and public commissions include the Telluride Film Festival, Colorado (2005); San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, California (2008); MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts (2013); Facebook, Cambridge, Massachusetts (2014); and the McMurtry Building, Stanford, California (2016).

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