School Tours

When students take a guided tour, they learn fascinating information about a number of carefully selected objects.

SJMA guided group tours utilize inquiry-based discussion methods to support both the California State Visual Arts and Common Core Standards.

To schedule your visit please use the online Scheduler and download the Pre-Visit Packet. If you need assistance please send e-mail to or call 408.291.5393.

Use our "Scheduler" to book your visit.

2017–2018 School Year Update

CAC FREE Fieldtrip program for Title One students *** CLOSED ****

Thank you everyone for your interest and participation in our California Arts Council Grant for FREE fieldtips for Title One Schools to the San José Museum of Art.

With the help of the California Arts Council award in 2017, the San Jose Museum of Art was able to serve nearly 2500 Title One students.

We hope to offer this program again next year, but the CAC fieldtrip program has met capacity and is now closed for the 2017-2018 school year.

If you have questions, about our programs please email us at