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Creating Designs with Paper Filigree 

Explore line, shape, form and texture with this easy to do 3D paper filigree design tutorial. Perfect for adapting to suit your own ideas; turn it into a greeting card, poster or design for framing! Grades 4 and up will be able to follow on their own, whereas grades 3 and other will benefit from a helper.
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Superhero Self Portrait Extension Activity 

Did you discover your superpower is confidence after drawing your superhero self-portrait? Great! Take it a step further and add color and detail and individuality to your portraiture drawings. Tips and techniques for both drawing and painting are included. Drawing Superheros Project 2 of 2.
Grades 1–6: This project is adaptable for all ages. 
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Superhero Self-Portraits

What is your superpower? Discover your secret identity as step-by-step you walk through the basics of the anatomy of drawing faces! In this drawing lesson, which requires only a pencil and paper, you'll gain confidence in your drawing abilities. Drawing Superheros Project 1 of 2.
Grades K–6
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Watercolor Still-life 

Now that you've explored watercolor using textural components of rice, salt, and sponges, let's learn about creating a still-life with watercolor. Many alternate supplies are suggested if you don't have the supplies we use! Watercolor Project 2 of 2.
Grades 2nd–9th: Easily adaptable as you create the objects in your still life. 
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Watercolor Exploration

Through watercolor exploration, you will learn about texture, color-mixing, and how a variety of mixed media reacts to the pigment of watercolor paint. Watercolor Project 1 of 2.
Appropriate for all grades: This project is adaptable to include non-art materials you may have around your house!

Please share your artwork with us by emailing education@sjmusart.org. We will highlight the community’s work weekly on our Facebook Education Page.
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