Community Day: Mobile Scavenger Hunt


Work as a team and explore the galleries to find the answers. Take photos of your answers and post them to Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #IluvSJMA so we can find your answers!

Answer all 11 correctly and win 2 free admission tickets to the San Jose Museum of Art

  1. Who invented the Gem paperclip? Look behind the “curtain” to snap his picture. 
  2. He was “born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, greenest state in the land of the free…” Find him and take a photo.
  3. Take a photo of yourself outside the museum’s original building, but indoors.
  4. We’re not in Disneyland, but how many hidden Mickey’s can you find? (No photos of this work of art, please—get someone to hold up the correct number of fingers!)
  5. Pick a work of art in Initial Public Offering and get someone to pose like the person (or people) in it, and take the picture.
  6. What movie is playing at the Criterion Theatre in Santa Monica?
  7. Baseball fans know that Willie Mays wore number 24. But a photo of the Say Hey kid has a different number. What is it?
  8. The camera in your phone is tiny. Use it to take a picture of something made with the opposite.
  9. Visit “What’s Your Angle,” do the hands-on activity, and take a photo of it. 
  10. Take photos of three things you might pack on your flight from San Francisco.
  11. SJMA is a contemporary art museum, but can you find an artwork based on a work from 1514?

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